Chronext de luxury watches from Rolex to Longines

Chronext com is your first address for the safe purchase and sale of the most beautiful luxury watches for ladies and gentlemen. Currently the assortment counts more than 7000 luxury watches of the most popular watch brands from Rolex to Breitling to Audemars Piguet and many other watch brands. Today we want to introduce the company and a small insight into the current highlights of the Chronext watches online shop. With stylesoul you will find a large selection of luxury jewelry from the most popular brands at a glance, as well as exactly the right online shop for your search.


Chronext watches buy and sell

On Chronext com you can buy and sell the most beautiful luxury watches. You can benefit from the long experience of 12 watchmakers who work in the company. The watchmakers take care of used watches with great attention to detail and let them shine like new. So you can be sure that your new watch will be a long-lasting companion. On the one hand you have the guarantee that your watch is an original and on the other hand you receive a 24 months Chronext warranty on your purchased watch. The company was founded in the year 2012 by Philipp Man and Ludwig Wurlitzer and has been on a steep career path since then. In 2020 the e-commerce company had 155 employees, 12 watchmakers, and has sold almost 60’000 watches to date, and the trend is rising. In one of 10 lounges worldwide you can pick up your new Chronext Rolex, Breitling or numerous other watches. For all others, the company offers its buyers safe, fast and reliable delivery by courier. And this is also reflected in the experiences and in the Chronext rating on TrustedShops.

Chronext Rolex Datejust, Day Date or GMT Master 2

No matter which Rolex watch you are interested in, Rolex Day Date, GMT Master 2 or a Rolex Datejust Chronext offers you the right watch in a wide range of colours and price segments. You can simply choose which condition your new watch should have. Chronext Rolex watches for men and women in a variety of colors and models safely online and match your style. From a chronext gmt master 2 to a datejust 36 you will find in our online shop exactly the Rolex watch that fits your outfit and wrist.


Chronext Breitling Colt, Chronoliner or Bentley

With Chronext Breitling Colt, Chronoliner, Bentley or one of many other Chronext Breitling luxury watch models, you will find your new stylish watch at a glance. The range includes the most popular Breitling watches such as a Navitimer, Superocean, Chronospace or Blackbird, as well as many other watches from the brand. The pilot’s watches with eye-catching chronograph provide a serious and elegant look on your wrist and can be ideally combined with your business casual look.

Many other watch brands like Longines Chronext Grand Seiko

The e-commerce company has an impressive selection of over 7000 high-quality brand watches, certified and reconditioned by watchmakers. And so Chronext Omega Speedmaster up to Grand Seiko offers you a huge range of luxury watches for him and her. You can choose from cheap bargains or real value investments. The team of the luxury watch company is always working to optimize its service, handling of the sale and purchase as well as the listed assortment, in order to offer its customers the best possible shopping experience.

Chronext experiences and evaluations

The online shop on chronext com has 2345 5-star ratings on the platform of Trusted Shops and offers you not only the online purchase but also the pickup in a lounge in Chronext Cologne to Munich. In addition, the company spoils you with up to -30% Chronext voucher if you sign up for the newsletter. This way you can secure a high quality Chronext voucher and be kept up to date on the latest information, deals, vouchers and offers. Otherwise stylesoul will keep your ears and eyes open for you, so that you will never miss an offer from the watch online shop again. Beside the latest luxury watches from Rolex, Audemars Piquet or Breitling you will find with stylesoul a large selection of the hottest high fashion brands from the hottest online shops at a glance. So you can not only discover your new watch online, but also the matching fashion, shoes, bags and accessories as well as other jewelry and perfect your look.